Friday, May 11, 2012

Choukchouka , bellpeper compote

The choukchouka is a bell peper dish that could be use a deep , as a side dish , as a filing for pancake og arabic roll or just re-heat together with some crumble egg .
It s pretty easy to do but use take time to make it right .
For that you will need :
4 bell peper The color doesn t matter
2 tomate
1 oinions
1 fresh chili or some chili powder
2 tablespoon olive oil
Salt and peper

We will need to "" burn "" the skin on the peper and the tomate. The best it on the fire or the grill but at home just turn on the oven at 200c , when the oven are hot put the peper and tomato in it for about 10 mn until almost all the skin are getting dark . Then put the peper and tomato in a clean plastic bag and close it . The steam inside the
Bag will help removing the skin .
After like 10 mn pill the peper start by scrabing off the skin then remove the seed inside and do the same for the tomate . Make sure to not wash the vegy after removing the skin , you will remove all the nice flavour .
Slice the peper and tomato in small peace and keep it a side .
In a pote add the olive oil and the onions in dice on medium heat give some color for about 5 mn then add the slice peper and tomato add salt and peper and some fresh chili or some chili powder , mix it well and let i cook for about 45 mn . The idea of cooking it so long it s to bring the flavour together and to remove as much water as possible from the tomato and peper.
Now the choukchouka are ready just need to cool it down. And you can easily freeze it or keep in the fridge for about 10 days .

You can make the choukchouka with garlic as well just replace the onion by the garlic , or you can use both garlic and onions .

Ask you vegetable store or market for some old peper you might get it for nothing and it will make a great choukchouka

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